Better Inspection Assigning

Mass Assigning!

One of the most requested features in recent times has been the ability to assign multiple inspection cases to either internal users (Asset Managers, Processors, etc) or to external accounts (3rd party Inspection Firms, Field Inspectors, etc). We listened and now when you are on any list view in your SpiderSuite account, you can click on each row and select multiple, including holding down Ctrl-Click to select non-continuous rows, just like you would in Excel. When multiple are selected, you will see a series of buttons across the bottom that give you options to Delegate to internal users or to Send off to an external account. Try combining this feature with some Filters and Folders to quickly assign in bulk to match exactly the process you are looking for!

Separate Internal and External Assignments

SpiderSuite works with all kinds of organizations and we’ve always believed that it is imperative to stay flexible to how a business might organize their inspection operations. We’ve seen that is it common to have a blend of internal users, internal users who might inspect properties, and 3rd party external inspection firms that all need to seamlessly work together.

To avoid confusion, you will now see these internal and external assignments separated. Internal assignments are now called ‘Delegate’ and can be found both in the list view in a middle column or within a case across the top under ‘Delegate’. External assignments work mostly the same and are still referred to as “Send”. We hope this makes it more clear who internally is delegated to be responsible for a case as well as who a case is assigned out to externally.

All of these features, plus many more smaller enhancements are now available to all SpiderSuite users!

If you are interested in any of these features or anything else that SpiderSuite could do for your inspection operations, pleaseĀ contact us!


The SpiderSuite Team