Inspections for Asset Managers

Inspections for Asset Managers

Asset Management teams have continued to embrace SpiderSuite to management their entire inspection workflow for easier, faster, and more insightful collection of property data. We’ve been thrilled with what asset managers have been able to do thus far but what sets a servicer apart from inspection companies is they care about servicing their loans, and inspections are simply a vehicle to do that. Because of this different view, we are happy to announce a completely new feature set for SpiderSuite designed with the commercial mortgage servicer in mind; Loan Profiles.

Loan Profiles are actually the key set of functionality as part of a new add-on to our leading solution for enterprise lenders, servicers, and inspection companies; SpiderSuite Enterprise: Asset Manager Edition


Asset management teams can now view and manage their data on SpiderSuite based on loans, properties, and inspections. Each loan will have a profile to keep track of all relevant information. Each piece of property will also have a profile to track the collateral information. And each inspection will continue to have all the rich information collected as part of our current inspection cases. Loans can have multiple properties associated to it and each property will show all past and present inspections. Loan->Properties->Inspections.


If you ask any asset management team how they manage inspections, you’ll quick get presented with a myriad of spreadsheets and complicated workflow reports that are tedious to manage. Add on top of that complicated policies that dictate when and who should inspect a property based on past assignments, risk ratings, and investor requirements and you get endless time wasted that could be better spent on quality loan and property analysis.

As part of this new set of features, asset managers can now quickly and easily control when inspections need to be scheduled based on numerous criteria. Asset managers have the flexibility to set due dates (including earliest and latest dates) based on past inspections, inspection requirements, and include data from loans, property profiles, deferred maintenance, etc.

Automation goes even further, allowing asset managers to automatically order them from the preferred party, whether that be an internal manager/inspector or an external inspection firm of their choice. Should an adjustment be needed like changing a due date or assigning to someone else, all of it can be done instantly on SpiderSuite, including from your mobile device anywhere you are.

We are excited about our servicing clients leveraging these amazing asset management features!

If you are interested in any of these features or anything else that SpiderSuite could do for your asset management operations, please contact us!


The SpiderSuite Team