Insurance Loss Support and More Rent Rolls

Insurance Loss

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added support for Insurance Loss inspections to the SpiderSuite platform! Sometimes called Repair Verification, Lean Searches, Completion Repair, or Hazard Loss, we know these are important inspections for lenders, insurance companies, and full service inspection firms. SpiderSuite customers will now be able to have access to this new inspection type just like they would other property inspections and leverage the complete power of the SpiderSuite platform for them. We’ve researched numerous forms and believe we have implemented a great blend of all to allow our clients to deliver a clean and efficient inspection that they can leverage for their operations.

We will also be looking at expanding this support to include catastrophic loss (ie FNMA 4261).

More Rent Rolls!

A key part of commercial inspections are gathering rent rolls from properties. Rent rolls give critical insight to the health of the property and are a key driver in asset servicing. Some industry standards collect them, some don’t, but we’ve enabled rent roll collection on all SpiderSuite inspection types. They of course will not be required but available to be attached to SpiderSuite cases whenever you need.

In addition to adding rent roll support to all inspection types, we are working with leading minds in the industry to significantly improve the structure and usability of rent rolls so that organizations can leverage the data within rent rolls much easier.

If you are interested in any of these features or anything else that SpiderSuite could do for your inspection operations, please contact us!


The SpiderSuite Team