How We Work

The company follows agile methodologies that strictly lead our technology efforts but in order for that to be successful, it must bleed into everything.  Feedback from customers is critical, and not just from potential customers.  We love hearing from our existing users about the good, bad, and ugly.  This gives us a strong pulse on how well we are doing at improving their lives through our service and ultimately lets us build the product that you want.  We believe if we are successful at keeping our customers happy, they will be our best sales tool through referrals, marketing, and just generally growing the ecosystem.

We operate out of Minneapolis, MN, but only sort of.  We generally run the company virtually with our team spread out across the US and Europe.  This is very much on purpose since we believe when we are lean and agile, we better serve our customers.  We don’t believe in confinement, but in expansion and flexibility to be where we need to be to better serve you

If you are in the Twin Cities or Los Angeles we’d love to get together with you!  If you are elsewhere, we might have someone closer for you to meet, or we are happy to travel and come see you in your neck of the woods.  Regardless, we’d love to hear from you.