Where Did We Come From?

Unlike a lot of people or solutions out there, most of us didn’t start in the mortgage or inspection industry.  A lot of us have a winding road of technology and business experience but we all share a common passion for building technology to improve business.  A few of us built large platforms for the retail supply chain industry while others came through enterprise software and consulting.

We believe this is a strong advantage for us since what you need out of technology provider is a lot of smart nerds who will listen to you.  We didn’t work in the inspection industry for a while and then one day decide to try our hand at technology. What this means is that we have cumulative experience as a team in business consulting and matching the right technical solution to each industry’s specific business need.

That said, we know that there is a lot unique to commercial inspections and the overal mortgage industry and that is not lost on us one bit.  The first thing we did was continuously talk, discuss, listen, and partner with those who are industry experts.  We still do this today as we work with more and more of you and are hear to learn with you as we head forth together into everything the industry throws at us.