Welcome Oak Grove Capital

We recently announced our partnership with Oak Grove Capital through our press release.

We started working with the Oak Grove asset management team earlier this year to improve their inspection operations. They had been managing their inspections like many asset management teams do, through spreadsheets and email. The team had the foresight though to improve their process so they could not only save time and money but better leverage the data they are collecting through inspections for their loan portfolio.

After a brief test run of the platform, we got them going full speed ahead and the SpiderSuite team has been very impressed with how fast they’ve been able to adopt our platform throughout their organization. Today, their asset managers across the country are using SpiderSuite to organize, order, and complete inspections. Additionally, they have participated in helping us refine and release our recent new Loan Profiles module as part of the Asset Management edition of SpiderSuite Enterprise.

Its been great working with the team already and look forward to the future together!

The SpiderSuite Team